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"Fog," Poem by Carl Sandburg
7-1/2 x 6 inches, $500

RAINBOWS ARE MADE: This fine book of 70 Carl Sandburg poems was divided into six sections named by Sandburg himself: 1. People; 2. Word Play; 3. Everyday Things; 4. The Seasons, Harvest, Prairies; 5. The Sea; and 6. Night Themes, Stars, Moonlight. Fritz Eichenberg was asked to create images for the beginning of each section, as well as a​ portrait of Sandburg for the Frontispiece.

While the images are reproduced in the book, Eichenberg also printed impressions of each image directly from the hand-carved woodblocks. He printed these wood engravings in 1982 in editions of just 50 numbered and pencil signed impressions. We are delighted to be able to offer these scarce, lovely original wood engravings. We have a portion of the edition for each of the seven images, and they are all in excellent condition, having come from his estate.

Each of the seven images is available separately. The prices vary depending on the number of impressions we have remaining. We also have a few complete boxed sets of all seven images, and these come with a hardcover copy of RAINBOWS ARE MADE. The boxed sets are discounted to encourage keeping them complete. All seven signed wood engravings are included for $2,000.

Boxed Set
7 images, $2,000

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"The People, Yes"
7-1/2 x 6 inches $250.00


"The Poet,"
Sandburg Dropping Leaves of Poetry Over Lake Michigan.
7-1/2 x 6 inches $350.00


7-1/2 x 6 inches $250.00


"The Tree"
7-1/2 x 6 inches $250.00

"The Sea"
7-1/2 x 6 inches $250.00

"Carl Sandburg"
7-1/2 x 6 inches $350.00